Envoys of the UN Secretary-General are appointed to deal with a specific set of issues. The continually increasing humanitarian needs of individuals, particularly those due to protracted conflict, requires specialised in-depth knowledge of stakeholders and the needs of those affected. Thus, the Humanitarian Envoy is charged with ensuring stronger linkages between the United Nations and decision makers in the Gulf countries and beyond ensuring the humanitarian needs of affected persons are communicated.


Qatar continues to play a growing role in humanitarian assistance and actively participates in international humanitarian efforts. This commitment manifests itself in many ways, one of which being the State of Qatar’s diplomatic efforts. To that end, Dr. Al Meraikhi, a Qatari national, has been appointed the UN Humanitarian Envoy to the UN Secretary-General, succeeding Dr. Abdullah al Matouq of Kuwait who held the post since its inception in 2012. Dr. Al-Meraikhi’s overall objective will focus on supporting multilateral humanitarian response efforts by raising the profile of humanitarian crises with Governments and non-governmental organisations and increasing their engagement with the international humanitarian community. Dr. Al Meraikhi will work closely with the Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock, to build stronger partnerships in Qatar, the Gulf Cooperation Council region and beyond.

UN Humanitarian Envoy Ahmed Al-Meraikhi and UN Secretary-General António Guterres (New York 2017)

Dr. Ahmed Al-Meraikhi


Dr. Al Meraikhi's experience includes work with the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an Ambassador. Prior to his appointment, Dr. Al-Meraikhi joined the UN CERF-Advisory Group as a member in November 2013 and elected to be the Vice-Chair in October 2015. Dr. Al-Meraikhi served as Vice President of the Qatar Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activity since 2014. He simultaneously served as the Founding Director of the International Development Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Qatar (2010-2016) and had served as Director General of the Qatar Development Fund (2010-2015). In 2008, Dr. Al-Meraikhi began his association with charitable associations; serving as Vice Chairman of the Qatar Coordination Committee for Charity Associations (2008) whose primary objective was to coordinate activities and assist in developing Qatari civil society. He still serves as a member of the Executive Committee for the Education Above All Foundation (since 2011) and continues to serve as Vice Chairman for the Standing Committee for the rescue and relief work and humanitarian assistance in the affected areas of sisterly and friendly countries (since 2010). He holds a master's degree and Doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University in the United Kingdom.


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