2017 Humanitarian Needs


In 2017, USD$23.57billion in funding was required to meet the humanitarian needs of 141.1million people. The global community funded USD$13.29billion or 57.1% of the total funding required for 2017.  Moreover, providing humanitarian assistance is not just about funds but also about making actors more efficient and increasing communication and understanding across entities and sectors. Appointed in 2016, the UN Secretary-General’s Humanitarian Envoy, Dr. Ahmed Al-Meraikhi, undertook four main strategic objectives of advocacy and awareness; resource mobilisation and policy development to address these needs of the humanitarian community in 2017. Dr. Al-Meraikhi successfully undertook 41 specific initiatives over the course of 2017 to achieve his strategic objectives. The first half of 2017 focused on participation in high-level conferences and beginning strategic engagement for the Humanitarian Envoy.  The latter half of 2017 sought to transform broad humanitarian desires into concrete assistance that will affect the lives of millions in need. As 2017 comes to a close and the humanitarian community looks toward the needs of millions of people in 2018, the Humanitarian Envoy looks to expand his influence geographically and approach new private sector individuals to raising potential donors and bridging gaps between actors in the humanitarian space.

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